All birds are protected under the Wildlife & Countryside Act but some can be controlled when there is a good reason to do so.

There are a number of birds that can become a pest in different circumstances. Often it is the fouling of birds that is a serious problem as it is very unsightly and in high concentrations very toxic to humans. Birds’ nests are also a breeding ground for beetles and moths whose larvae can make their way into our environment and then do to damage textiles and clothes.

Sometimes the noise of birds becomes so serious a problem that it justifies control – this usually applies to Seagulls.

In some cases birds can become a problem because of their scavenging and territorial behavior.

The best method of controlling birds in our environment is to prevent them being able to settle and nest where they will become a nuisance. At Proton we offer various solutions to help you do this from the familiar spikes and netting to the latest discreet electric shock systems.

It is sometimes necessary to remove individual birds by trapping or shooting, at Proton we offer a discreet service for these situations.