Housefiles & Blowflies

Flies are of course a nuisance but also a very serious health risk, especially in a food preparation areas.

Fitting an Electric Fly Killer (EFK) is an essential in any food preparation area, at Proton we supply and fit EFKs or test your current system.

TIP: Bulbs that emit UV light may still appear to be working because they are “on” but may not actually be producing light at a frequency that attracts flies. They need to be tested every 6 months and replaced at least every 12.

Fly screening windows is another very useful method of keeping flies out.


Fruit flies

These are the tiny slow moving black flies that thrive on overripe fruit, fruit juice, most things sweet and some species even like milk.

The best way of controlling these is good housekeeping, but where they have become a problem numbers can be reduced quickly and traps set to keep the population under control.