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Asa Goldschmied

Director & Founder of Proton Environmental

Proton Environmental is a small but ambitious company, raising the bar in Domestic and Commercial pest control.

Working closely with the BPCA and Killgerm Chemicals means that Proton brings to its customers an unparalleled service, combining the personal and responsible touch of the small business, with the world class expertise of the best and most experienced pest controllers in the UK.

At Proton Environmental we understand that for the domestic customer calling a pest controller can be something of a last resort in what is often a distressing situation. That’s why at Proton we make restoring your peace of mind our priority. So give us a call to discuss your problem and we’ll give you any advice we can over the phone or if needs be pay you a free no obligation visit.

For the commercial customer we understand that the challenges can be on a larger scale, and have potentially very serious consequences for loss of business, reputation or even falling foul of legal requirements.  At Proton we are confident that we can always find a solution for our clients needs and make it work financially.

So why not take out a contract on your pests today?

Proton Environmental is a member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and all of our operatives have achieved at least Level 2 of the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) certification.

At Proton Environmental we take our responsibilities to our clientsthe law and the environment very seriously.

Proton Environmental has full Public Liability Insurance.

At Proton we promise that all hazardous materials and contaminated waste is disposed of professionally and never introduced into the environment illegally.

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