Pests at work

At Proton we believe that prevention is better than cure! But if you do have an existing infestation of any pest on your premises then our first priority would be to eradicate it, and then take steps to prevent the problem recurring.

Arranging a contract with us will save you money. After an initial FREE survey we will work out a course of action to ensure that we can help you stay on top of all unwanted visitors! Preventing an infestation saves you money and potential loss of business as well as peace of mind.

With monitoring systems in place and routine checks by Proton, you can rest easy that you will not be in for any nasty surprises!

By choosing Proton Environmental for your ongoing pest control needs you will not only have a safer and healthier working environment but will also be able to show due diligence in satisfying your legal obligations.

At Proton we offer contracts tailored to suit your requirements. Once any immediate pest situations have been brought under control we would suggest establishing an ongoing partnership with us to ensure your premises remains pest free.

Perhaps the most damaging effect of unchecked pest activity in a place of business can be the loss of business reputation. A pest infestation will do a disproportionate amount of damage to stored food – not just that which is eaten but the amount that can be spoiled by the presence of animals in and around it – damage to clothes, carpets, electrical wiring and vehicles doesn’t just incur the cost of replacement but the added cost of the inconvenience and time lost. P With a Proton contract out on your pests we will ensure that none of these things happen to you.

So what’s the bottom line? We offer a FREE survey + report and recommend routine visits at a frequency suited to the situation and season.

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